Av. Muhammet Taha BAHADIR

Graduated from the Faculty of Law at Istanbul Commerce University with honors in 2021. Completed legal training at the Legal Consultation Office of the Prime Ministry's Directorate of Private Properties in the Republic of Turkey in 2018, gaining expertise in private property matters. During university, worked at United Group A.Ş for 4 years, gaining experience in legal and financial aspects of projects such as construction, operation, transfer, and public-private partnerships. Also acquired experience in national and international capital market transactions. Left to pursue legal training at Istanbul office Association No. 2 in 2021 and began working at Ensar Law Firm in 2022.

Possesses experience in various fields, including banking, finance, private properties, energy, information technology, textiles, real estate, construction, infrastructure, criminal law, administrative law, intellectual and industrial property law, enforcement law, and citizenship law. Simultaneously graduated from Istanbul University with a degree in sociology, working at HADIR to interact with society, people, and customs.

Engaged in numerous non-governmental organizations and social responsibility projects. Currently holds the position of Organizational Manager at the Turkish Youth Foundation.

Born in Şişli, Istanbul, with roots in Akçaabat, Trabzon. Fluent in Ottoman Turkish and English.