Foreigners and Citizenship Law

Especially after 2010, a high increase has been observed in the number of foreign people coming to our country. The number of problems arising from foreigners residing or doing business in Turkey not knowing Turkish law is increasing every day, and these procedures must be carried out in the presence of lawyers in order to prevent similar incidents and to ensure the follow-up of existing cases. Because the Foreigners Law No. 6458 has not yet matured, the slightest mistakes of foreigners living in our country cause serious consequences for them.

Our firm's lawyers provide various support and legal services to foreigners who are guests or permanent residents in our country, as well as to applications made based on citizenship law.

  • Performing, tracking and finalizing the citizenship application procedures of foreigners who want to acquire Turkish Citizenship,
  • Providing consultancy services regarding Real Estate Law, especially the acquisition of real estate by foreigners in Turkey, Providing consultancy services regarding Inheritance Law,
  • Recognition and enforcement cases
  • Providing legal services for foreigners to establish companies, associations and foundations,
  • Deportation cases, residence cancellation cases, entry ban and restriction cases.
  • Marriage and lawsuits of foreigners